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Welcome to Decisive Shipping Services LLC

Welcome to Decisive Shipping Services LLC

Dimerco launches China-Mexico air-sea service – Air Cargo News

Freight forwarder Dimerco is offering a new China to Mexico bonded air-sea service via the US as it looks to meet a lack of direct freight flights on the route.

The new Air+Sea service utilises airfreight from China to either Los Angeles or Dallas and then cross-border trucking to transport the cargo to international cargo airports in Mexico closest to the consignee, where the goods are treated by customs as a China to Mexico airport-to-airport shipment. 

Dimerco said that manufacturing operations in North America rely on rapid replenishment of component parts from China, but standard shipping options are inadequate.

Ocean freight is too slow and direct airfreight services are limited, the company said.

The service will target high-value components and offer transport times of six-eight days.

“While this transhipment solution via the US increases transit time by two to three days compared to direct airfreight service, it is 30–40% cheaper and is a practical response to the near absence of direct air freight shipping from China to Mexico,” Dimerco said.

The company added that team drivers travel non-stop and only on highways to keep cargo safe.

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