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Welcome to Decisive Shipping Services LLC

Welcome to Decisive Shipping Services LLC

CargoAi adds API services for forwarders – Air Cargo News

Online air cargo booking portal CargoAi is launching API services for its freight forwarder users and Transport Managment Sytems (TMS).

The API connections will allow forwarders to retrieve real-time schedules, availability, rates and tracking information using their own systems, rather than having to go through the CargoAi portal.

The API Suite can also be used by any other airfreight player to create personalised business-to-business applications.

The portal has created three API packages: Schedules, Rates & Book, and Track.

The Schedules API includes schedules and real-time routes data from airlines.

The Rates & Book API offers real-time availability and pricing and allows users to make instant bookings and booking requests.

The Track API allows users to track air shipments irrespective of the channel where they’ve been booked.

“The API replicates all advanced marketplace functionalities with the options to book special commodities (eg Dangerous goods) and all load types (eg BUP), as currently offered to users on the CargoAi flagship platform,” CargoAi said.

“CargoAi’s product portfolio continues to develop with the company continuously investing in its White Label, Business Intelligence and API Suite and services and its global airline partner portfolio expected to double by the end of the second quarter 2022,” the company added.

The diversification of the demand via the API consuming model is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity for our airline partners as well,” said Matthieu Petot, chief executive of CargoAi.

The API suite also includes the CargoAi CO2 calculator which uses IATA standards for CO2 calculation. 


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