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Welcome to Decisive Shipping Services LLC

Welcome to Decisive Shipping Services LLC

ANA Group to ramp up freighter operations – Air Cargo News

Japan’s ANA Group plans to maximise the operation of freighters and utilise passenger aircraft for cargo operations following what it said is strong continued demand for cargo operations.

“For the freighter routes, ANA will maximize the use of its 11 freighters through its network to operate charter flights and additional flights along with regularly scheduled flights to drive profitability,” ANA said. “We will also utilise passenger aircraft to operate cargo flights in order to flexibly capture demand.”

From March 27 to October 29, two new twice-weekly freighter roundtrips from Narita to Los Angeles will be added. Narita to Singapore freighter roundtrips have decreased from six to five, while Narita to Seoul roundtrips have decreased from six to four.

Some international routes are being shifted from Haneda to Narita.

“By making changes such as the transfer of the Tokyo Haneda-Washington D.C., Tokyo Haneda-Houston, Tokyo Haneda-Seattle and Tokyo Haneda-Vancouver routes to Tokyo Narita airport, ANA aims to accommodate demand for connections between Asia-North America while simultaneously maximising the revenue per flight from both passenger and cargo operations,” said the company.

The ANA Group includes All Nippon Airways, Air Japan, ANA Wings and Peach.

ANA adds new China-Japan freighter service

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