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Welcome to Decisive Shipping Services LLC

Welcome to Decisive Shipping Services LLC

American Airlines Cargo expands pet transport service – Air Cargo News

American Airlines Cargo’s pet transport service will now offer customers a last mile transport service.

American has partnered with My Pet Cab on its PetEmbark programme to include a home delivery service for pets after being flown to destination.

My Pet Cab vehicles are equipped with secondary air systems and electronic monitoring thermometers as well as remote cameras and vehicle monitoring systems.

The airline has also launched a new video guide that offers instructions for booking a pet on American, ranging in information from kennel guidelines to approved travel conditions to drop-off and pick-up timing.

Vittal Shetty, head of cargo strategy for American Airlines Cargo, said: “These enhancements not only make it easier for pet owners to do business with us but helps to ensure a safe and stress-free journey from start to finish.”

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